You are already a millionaire!!!

You are already a millionaire!!!

Realization as a millionaire 

Most of the people aspire to become a millionaire one day. And who does not want to be? It’s everyone’s dream. However, all those people including you don’t know that you are already a millionaire. Sounds crazy? But it is not. Let me elaborate for you. You might have heard that most of the celebrities have insured their body parts. According to an article by, the following celebrities have insured their body parts in millions. Scroll down and have a look at the body part insured and the figure.


Taylor Swift: Hollywood Singer, Legs insured for $ 26.5 million.

David Lee Roth: Rock n Roll singer, Sperm insured for $ 1 million.

Miley Cyrus: Teenage favorite Hannah Montana, Tongue insured for $ 1 million.

Rihanna: No intro need, Legs insured for $ 1 million

David Beckham: Legendary footballer, Legs insured for $ 70 million.


Tom Jones: Welsh Singer, Chest hair (Yes, Chest hair!!!) insured for $ 6.8 million.

Jennifer Lopez: Singer, Butt insure for $ 27 million.

Julia Roberts: Academy award winning Actress, Smile insured for $ 30 million.

Bruce Springsteen: Legendary American Singer, Vocal cords insured for $ 6 million.

Daniel Craig:  James Bond Actor, Full body insured for $ 9.5 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Heartthrob footballer, Legs insured for whopping $ 195 million.

Now, you may be having an idea of what I am telling you. You are having the most beautiful creation of the supreme force i.e your body and it is literally invaluable. Not convinced yet? never mind, let’s say if Bill Gates, the most affluent person on the earth, tells you that he is ready to give you all his wealth and millions of dollars in return of your eyes, liver, kidney, and lungs, will you give your aforementioned organs to him? Not at all! And in case you agree to give him those organs in exchange for millions of dollars, in the absence of those organs, millions of dollars are worth a penny.

Further, the celebrities mentioned above have realized the true value of the human body and safeguarded it as a real treasure. Furthermore, they are millionaires because they have identified real million in the form of the body parts. Therefore, you must keep one thing in mind that your body is your true millions.

Feel like a king 

So, the point is from the body part’s perspective your legs and those of Cristiano Ronaldo are the same and believe me your smile is as precious as Julia Roberts. Moreover, Tom Jones’ chest hair contains the same protein as your chest hair.  The only difference is that they have realized their value and you have not. What you have to do is to realize the value of your body. You must feel like a king as God has given you the same body as he has given it to the King.

Final words

Take out time for your body, feel it, nurture it, give it hugs and kisses. Moreover, keep your body free from addictions like Alchohol, tobacco, and drugs. Do exercise and eat clean. And always be ensured that you are a millionaire in the true sense. To sum up, Wealth is created by a man but man is not created by wealth.


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