This too shall pass!

This too shall pass!

First of all, the very concept of time (good or bad) is similar to that of a pendulum; it always swings between two sides namely good and bad. Therefore, if you are having a bad day at the office or at college don’t take it by your heart. Moreover, that backbiting colleague or unduly tempered boss is not your reality, instead, they are their own reality. So, if you are feeling bad by their opinions, remarks or comments, you are making yourself part of their reality. You must never allow yourself to feel belittled by the opinions of the people who don’t really matter to you.

Further, the most important thing is to remember that the pendulum always swings.  Now, you may say it is easier said than done, I completely agree with you. When it comes to implementation, it becomes a tougher job. But don’t you worry ‘Foggers’, you can take the help of following ideas to combat the bad time.

Sure-shot ways to Cope-up with the bad time

Always be super sure that everything is temporary.

Change is the eternal truth. Every single thing in this world is temporary so does the bad time you are facing right now. So, relax and remind yourself that the present situation is going to change definitely. Developing this mindset is the key to cope up with the harsh time. And Always keep in mind what Paulo Coelho has said “Someday everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. ”

 Distance yourself from the virtual world.

Even though it sounds a little bit tougher, it’s still doable. You need to give some time to yourself for real. Therefore, stop wasting hours watching baffling videos on the internet and playing the perpetual games on your phone. Instead, pick up a book (it can be on anything, they all are good) smell it, feel the aroma and dive yourself into reading it. You will definitely find an idea or two from any book which will spark some motivation into you. Moreover, raise a flowering plant and spend time grooming it, by doing so you will be the part of creation. Isn’t it seem exciting to become the artisan of flower blooming? All in all, all these activities will land you in reality, which is vital to combat the negative phase of life.

Don’t be sloth bear.

Yeah, you must stop being couch-potato, if you wish to combat the harsh time. There are more than enough shreds of evidence which suggest that if you keep your body idle for a long period of time, your brain stops releasing certain chemicals which are vital in keeping you motivated during the bad time. Therefore, drag yourself out of home and go for a ride. You can simply take a walk into the park near you or take a bike ride out of the city. Options are endless but make sure you go out, as it is essential to divert your mind from the status quo.

Unleash the creativity in you.

Every single person in this entire world is blessed with some sort of creativity. So, don’t tell that you don’t have any creativity in you. You may like to paint, play a musical instrument, write something, read a novel or even listen to music. Whatever creative task you undertake, do it wholeheartedly. For example, if you are fond of reading novels, you must be a staunch follower of a particular genre or a set of authors. Not only this attend various clubs which are arranging get together of like-minded people who follow the same genre or authors. If you don’t have one in your area form the one. In conclusion, all these creative activities will put you away from feeling under the weather.

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