How to achieve success in every sphere of life?

How to achieve success in every sphere of life?

What is success?

Years ago, in my teens I overheard someone saying” the only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”  Hence, if there is a difference between the life you are living and wants to live, there must be something wrong with what you may be doing presently. In order to live the desired life, all you have to do is to gauge the difference and minimize it by taking corrective steps. In essence, success is a process of identifying what are your goals, dreams, and aspirations in life. And then, determining what are the various obstacles in the way of realizing those goals, dreams, and aspirations. Subsequently,

How to achieve success?

Always keep in mind why you started what you have stared.

To begin with, when you start your journey to get success, there will be times when you get frustrated and decide to give up. However, whenever you reach at this point, take a moment and ponder over why you started whatever you started. Once you will realize why you started your journey all your frustration and disappointment will vanish. Moreover, you will be more vigorous for the attainment of your goal.

Stay focused toward your goal.

When you embark on the journey of achieving success, there will come many hurdles on your way. Further, your focus from your goal may be derailed by may distractions and the distractions come in many ways like emotional, physical, economic or social. However, all you have to do is to stay on course in order to reach your goal. Moreover, always keep in mind if a launched missile diverts from it’s predetermined course, it can prove devastating.

Strip away from the inessentials.

First, start out by making a list of the things which you do every day and do not lead you towards your goals. Secondly, quit those things with all your heart. To elaborate, we often engage ourselves in hundreds of things which are meant for the passing and wasting our time and more importantly separating ourselves from what our true goals are. To give an example, we spend hundreds of hours playing games on mobiles, watching useless and bizarre videos on the internet, engaging in futile arguments over politics, celebrities, and reality stars, endlessly and aimlessly surfing on social media, etc.

Harness the skills necessary for achieving success.

Further, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, investor, blogger, businessman, or excel at your workplace, you need to focus on developing skills necessary for achieving those goals instead of wasting hours on useless things mentioned above. Read books related to it, make a habit for visiting blogs and websites, listen to the podcasts, and subscribe to YouTube channels necessary for the enhancement of the skills and knowledge of your field.

Remember success is not an end goal but a process.

Finally, success itself is not an end result; it is the journey you embark on for the achievement of the end result.  Hence, if you enjoy the journey at its fullest, the end results will be definitely rewarding. The hard time comes and goes but what we have to do is to keep going and enjoying the moments as they come. Some wise man has once said ‘if you have to keep going and while doing so if your heart tires you have to just keep going on your legs.’ Therefore, keep going and never look back as success marries those who never look back.


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