Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

Why you should never give up

Do you feel like giving up? Never give up! Do you think all your hopes and dreams are being trodden by the toxic people and unfavorable circumstances in your life? Never give up! Are you on the verge of a breakdown? Hold on to it and never give up! Good or bad time changes and This too shall pass!

There is a great degree of uncertainty in our life but there is one thing for certain and that is, things constantly change in this entire universe. For illustration, millions of years ago, hundreds of civilizations existed and now we read about the remains of those civilizations in books. Similarly, when the Greek and Roman Civilizations were at their peak, no citizen of those civilizations might have in his dream thought that such mighty civilizations would completely become extinct with the advent of the time. So, the rise of the fallen and the fall of the risen is the gospel truth. Therefore, you must hold on to the present unfavorable circumstances and fight through the bad times. Because at the end of the tunnel there is a ray of hope.

You are too small to give up!

It may seem bizarre to hear this but you are too small to give up on something. For elaboration, even though we live in some tiny part of the smaller planet of the infinite universe, we lose all the hopes when we undergo a financial crisis or having trouble in relationships. Is it fair enough? Just close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and ask this question to your heart that are my endless worries worth my precious time? I am pretty sure that one day you will realize that the things on which you are crying over now will seem insignificant to you someday.

And this does not imply that as the universe goes under constant change and time is going to change, you just have to sit idle and wait for the outcome of the situations. You have to play your part by realizing your role in this world and when you will be able to realize your role all your worries and anxieties will vanish. Consequently, you will be able to live a life that you have imagined.

Take away

Therefore, for now, find out what role you have to play in this world?  why has God sent you on earth? Just for worrying over getting a good GPA or finding a job or feeling depressed because someone has stopped loving you? Is this the reason God has sent you here for mourning over some silly stuff? Definitely not! After all, this world is like an arena where very few people fight and millions of people are just spectators. Not only this, out of those few fighting in arena some may win some may lose but they will be equally hailed because they have dared to enter the arena. At last, ask this question to your soul; when you are going to enter the arena? Are you a warrior or a spectator?

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