Mindfulness: Meditation Garden

Mindfulness: Meditation Garden


To begin with, we all know that meditation is the art of living in the present. And in our previous post MINDFULNESS: A way present, we elaborated on the definition of mindfulness. , However, when it comes to practice it, in reality, we often find ourselves clueless. Therefore at this juncture, we are going to learn how to put the mindfulness meditation into practice. And the best part is you don’t have to close your eyes for this meditation!

 How to do mindfulness meditation?

First of all, find a nice tranquil place where none can disturb you for at least 30 minutes. It may be the lawn in the garden or the terrace of your home sweet home. Then, sit quietly in meditation pose. Thereafter, focus your entire attention on your breathing (the way you inhale and exhale). Keep focusing on your breathing and don’t deviate your attention from it. Make inhaling and exhaling process your anchor and whenever your mind starts roaming (toward bitching people or unpleasant situations at school, college or at work) bring it back to your breathing. Moreover, while doing so keeps your face smiling not only this, a smile from the deep bottom of your heart. Even though you have got all the pain in the world keeps your face smiling.

Now, shift your focus from breathing to your hands. Observe them, watch your palms and the beauty they contain (especially the artistic lines your palms are having). Now, in turn, shift your focus from hands to all the body parts you can see and touch. Moreover, don’t merely observe your body parts; just feel the beauty they contain, embrace the elegance of them. Not only this, believe that those are the most beautiful body parts in this entire universe. Finally, once you finish observing and embracing all your body parts like hands, legs, etc., bring back your focus to breathing and pay attention towards inhaling and exhaling for five to ten minutes. Bravo! You just did it!

What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

The very first advantage of this meditation is that it will detach you from all the worries, anxieties and fears.

Secondly, mindfulness meditation will decrease the feeling of loneliness from you. To elaborate the more you pay attention toward yourself, the less likely you will yearn for someone’s company. (After all company of self is the best company)

Most importantly it will keep the feeling of negativity at bay. Finally, with the help of it, you will be able to live in present by setting aside the worries of past and fears of tomorrow.

So, what you are waiting for? Start meditating mindfully!









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  1. I love this post! With kids I don’t often get the time I’d like for mindful meditation, but when I do, it’s amazing. Great article!

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