MINDFULNESS: A way present

MINDFULNESS:  A way present

” Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future concentrate the mind on the present moment”  – Buddha 

What is mindfulness?

You often overhear the word mindfulness and even maybe having a vague idea of it. But you may not be aware of what exactly it is. Well! In layman’s language, it is the art of living in the present. It is all about putting on halt the worries of the past and future and simply focusing on the present moment and cherish the moment at it’s fullest.  The concept of mindfulness originated from the centuries-old tradition of Buddhism known as ‘sati’. The literal meaning of the term ‘sati’  is to maintain awareness of reality. Therefore, in one sense mindfulness is the art of maintaining the awareness of reality. Now, the question is why it has become a prerequisite for heading a peaceful and happy life.

Why it is needed?

Nowadays, the world around us is changing rapidly. Every day is like a challenge and keeping up with the outer world is like catching the deer, which results in disrupting the inner peace of our soul. Hence, This situation creates two kinds of feelings into the mind of a person. Firstly, he/she repents on the things not done or wrongly done. (Worries over past) Secondly, he/she excessively worries over what will happen if he/she will not keep up with the pace of the world. (worries over future)  And, these two situations lead a person towards a Pandora‘s box packed with anxiety, stress, depression, gloom, despair and what not. So, what is the way out of this? The answer is practicing mindfulness.

How to practice it?

One should never cry over what has happened and what is going to happen. Instead, one should focus on what is happening now. However, that’s not as easy as it seems, is it? Therefore, the question is how to concentrate on the present moment when your mind is baffled with too many frets? The solution lies in mindfulness meditation. And to learn step by step mindfulness meditation click on this link Mindfulness: Meditation Garden where you will find the detailed process of mindfulness meditation. Further, practicing it regularly will make you more and more aware of the reality. Moreover, if you will be able to be mindful, your life will be filled with lots of benefits, the most significant one is discussed below.

Benefits of Mindfulness 

  • It has been scientifically proved that those, who practice mindfulness and cherish the present moment, are less likely to develop various mental disorders related to anxiety, stress, and depression in the comparison of those who do not practice mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness is the most effective remedy for keeping the modern day lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases at bay.
  • Not only this, it is the most significant cure for fighting against substance abuse, eating disorders and alcoholism.

In Conclusion, mindfulness is a vital tool for the holistic development of a person. So, what you are waiting for? Start practicing it right away.

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