5 Most Powerful Ways to pump- up positivity in your life.

5 Most Powerful Ways to pump- up positivity in your life.

Each and every one of us desires to lead a life with positivity. However, Life gives us blues when we least expect them. There is always some degree of uncertainty in life. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffett can’t be a hundred percent sure that they will continue as the wealthiest persons in the world five years down the row. This uncertainty often spurs stress and negativity in our life. Moreover, as per quantum physics negativity is having a rippled effect. Therefore, if your mind is filled with negative thoughts it is more likely to attract negative thoughts. So, what is the way to pull ourselves out from the mud? Let’s find out.

1)Think Positively (Yeah! That’s it. Mother of all)

To begin with, the very first task to undertake to boost-up positivity in our life is to think positively. As Buddha has rightly said, “we become what we think”. So, if we always fill our mind with negative thoughts there will be a hell load of negativity in our life. Moreover, such negativity will further have a spiral effect causing your mind to attract more negative thoughts in your life. Further, thinking positively has an added advantage of feel-good factor. Neuroscience has proved that when you think positively your brain releases certain types of chemicals which make you feel happy. Therefore, think positively and keep smiling and invite positivity into your life.

2) Be a Lark (Don’t sigh Owls!).

Medical science has sufficient evidence to prove the proverb, ’Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. To elaborate, if you wake up early in the morning you will certainly have more time for yourself. And you can do exercise, meditation, practice yoga, etc. which are proven positivity boosters. Moreover, you will have sufficient time available with you to get ready for the day. Therefore, you will not have to prepare yourself haphazardly and clumsily which is a major factor in boosting negativity in life.

3) Walk and park. (Not your car!)

I am pretty sure that there is always a park located within peripheral of five kilometers from where you dwell. If you go there on your feet it has dual advantages, firstly as you walk your body will indulge in aerobics which is a negativity killer and the park acts as a tranquilizer too. All you have to do is just sit there alone and observe the surrounding. Inhale the scent of the aromatic flowers into your lungs and feel the touch of lush green grass under your bare feet.  Think about nobody but yourself and feel that you are relaxed. Do this for a week and I assure you that from there on you will be habituated to it and attract more positivity in your life.

4) Spend less time on Social Media. (Anti-Social, As I call it)

It is evident that we are socializing more in the virtual world than in the real world. Further, there are instances when we untiringly chat with someone over social media but when we encounter that person in reality, we can’t even utter a word. Such a situation leads toward strain in our day to day life causing us to think negatively. There are gazillions of reasons why you should refrain from social media but the most important one is it keeps the negativity at bay.

5) Listen to the music.

Time and again music has been a crucial positivity booster. Furthermore, when you listen to music your brain releases certain types of chemicals that are responsible for uplifting your mood consequently pumping positivity in your life. Therefore, whenever your mood is off, plug in the headphone and play your favorite playlist.

Moreover, whenever possible practice Mindfulness. It is the single most efficient positivity booster.



2 thoughts on “5 Most Powerful Ways to pump- up positivity in your life.

  1. I agree that spending less time on social media will help with positivity. Its too easy to have FOMO or other symptoms on social media!

  2. I really need to follow that early to bed rule. I’m really not great with it. I tend to be the late up at night person rather than the early riser. Need to focus on rising early.

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